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Lifteducation/MEWPS - Basic course


Our certified basic training lift is aimed at everyone who will use the mobile work platforms and supervisors, safety representatives and service staff.

Download product sheet: MEWPS

The lift training includes both theoretical and practical elements. As a participant, you will learn how to work with a lift and try on different types of lifts under realistic conditions. That way you get a better understanding of the lifts, and a good understanding of how to work safely and effectively – a prerequisite for being able to work productively, while reducing the risk of damage to both materials and people decreases.

Basic Platformtraining


During a full-day lift training, you get a basic overview of everything related to the work of a mobile work platform. We go through different types of machine, the lift construction and how to check and inspect the lift before use.

Obviously, we lift our education even through work safety and the laws and rules regarding mobile work platforms.

Lifttraning with safety in mind


In our training platform, we are very careful to work with the security in and around the work of mobile work platforms. The rules on this are very strict and we make sure that you get all the knowledge you need to use the lift in a way that is safe, both for yourself, but also for the environment. Furthermore, we go through daily inspections and controls, and symbols found on the platform.

To pass the lift training, you get to make a theoretical and a practical test. Once approved, you will receive a diploma for basic education platform. The certificate is valid for five years. After the training must be repeated.

Certified Platform training


Lift Education – Elementary, is certified according to Lift curriculum (LLP) and we are authorized trainers by Lift Education Council (LUR).

To participate in the ski training – because, you should be over 18 years and have good knowledge of the Swedish language.

The charge includes course materials, refreshments and lunch. The courses are held at Lipacs depots in Stockholm, Norrköping, Linköping, Borlänge, Västerås and Gävle.

Want an enterprise-lift training? Please contact us and we will arrange it.