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"Efficiency and a focus on safety"

Lipac Lifts has been an innovative company since its inception in 1972. It has invested in efficiency and customer satisfaction as well as safe and environmentally friendly working environments. Our employees are dedicated 100% to lifts and to get our customers up into the air. We know the market and make it a point to always be first with the latest equipment. We have lifts you can trust and we provide fast service. If any downtime should occur we repair the equipment immediately. If the problem can’t be solved on the spot, we will replace the lift.

An important goal for us is to ensure safety – for the operator as well as others working in the vicinity. Therefore, we offer certified lift training courses that result in a license certificate. In addition, since 2004, we have operated all of our lifts using EcoPar, the ultra-clean environmental fuel. In Sweden, we are actually the only company in the industry that only uses EcoPar, and because of this, emissions of carcinogens and other particles in and around our lifts have declined by 90%! Levels of nitric oxide have been reduced by 50%. Emissions are actually so clean that our lifts have been able to operate indoors without any ill effects to personnel. Lipac wants to take the lead in the construction industry to provide cleaner air in the work environment instead of nausea and headaches caused by all the exhaust machinery emits.

More and more people appreciate Lipac’s efforts regarding safety and working environment. In 2008, Dagens Industri named Lipac as a Gazelle company. This is a distinction awarded to the fastest growing companies in Sweden.

Further proof of our unique attention to safety and environmental issues came in May of 2009 when Lipac received the award as “Rental Company of the Year”. That makes us Europe’s best rental company with 1-10 depots in the European Rental Award category. The competition is organized by the European industry organization, European Rental Association (ERA) and the International Rental News publication. The jury panel in Manchester noted that Lipac is one of the most innovative companies on the European Rental Market. Lipac’s own concept of only using the environmentally friendly fuel, EcoPar, for our750 lifts attracted much positive attention.

The construction industry in Sweden has implemented an intelligent, standardized ID card, ID06. With ID06 as a base, Lipac and the company SafeTool have developed the card so that it also can be used to “start” a lift. The construction site manager gives employees access to a special lift, and he or she must use the ID06 card to start the machinery. The card only works on the designated lift.

The ID06 system acts as a guarantee for the customer that only authorized personnel are able to operate the lift. It also makes it impossible to “borrow” a lift from someone else. This provides full control of the equipment and the employer is sure that only trained and authorized personnel may operate the lift.

The system has been tested with construction company NCC on a large jobsite with a very successful outcome.

You are most welcome to hire your lift from us at Lipac Lifts.

Per Hedebark
Managing Director
Lipac Lifts