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About Lipac

Since it was founded in 1972 Lipac has focused on four cornerstones: Efficiency, Customer Service, Safety and Environment. Since 2004, we are the only rental company in Sweden to run all lifts on the market’s leading biofuel – EcoPar. Thanks to EcoPar we have reduced emissions of carcinogens and particle matter by 90% and that of nitrogen oxide by 50%.

Lipac was named a Gazelle company in 2008 by industry publication Dagens Industri, as one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies.

In May of 2009, the European Rental Association (ERA) and the trade publication, International Rental News, chose Lipac as Europe’s best rental companies in the category of 1-10 depots. Lipac is the first Swedish company to hold that coveted award from the rental industry.

Rental Depots

Lipac has rental depots in Stockholm, Borlänge, Gävle Jönköping, Linköping and Norrköping. We also have partner depots in Arvika, Eskilstuna, Kalmar, Nybro and Kungälv.

We have our own trucks for delivery and return of our equipment. Our drivers are certified lift operators and are trained on all lifts and can provide hardware introduction to the user when the lift is delivered.

Business Concept

Performing a job several meters above the ground requires equipment you can rely on. We have a wide range of high quality modern lifts that means you can find exactly the right lift to suit your particular situation. Each lift is carefully checked and serviced before each rental, which minimizes the risk of unnecessary downtime. Unfortunately, even good equipment may fail and in that event we will repair or replace the lift immediately.

One of our main goals is safety

An accident should not occur due to lack of knowledge of how the lift functions or applicable safety precautions. According to The Work Environment Act (Swedish Work Environment Authority’s Use of hoists and lifting equipment AFS 2006:06) the employer shall ensure that employees who use lifts in their work have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate the equipment. After July 1, 2007 employers must document the employee’s theoretical and practical knowledge.

The employer shall also give the employee written permission to use the lift at work.

As part of our safety work, Lipac offers certified lift operation training according to the lift curriculum LLP (“Liftläroplanen”), which is modelled on the international ISO standard for Operator (driver) training for mobile elevating work platforms – ISO 18878:2004.

Lipac is one of the Lift Training Council’s authorized training companies.